About Me!!!

What can I say-I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do.  I love what I do so much-that sometimes I have to pinch myself (literally) to believe that I get to do this everyday AND people pay me to do it!  Photography is my passion, it is a huge part of what makes me- ME and how I see the world.  Everyday I get to work with amazing people and help capture some of the most important moments of their life.

Here are some other fun {and totally unless} things to know about me:

-My middle name is Rachel that’s were Robyn Rachel Photography came from.

-I have two awesome cats Boogie and Shelby- I call Boogie “Chunks” and Shelby “Mousie”

-I have the most amazing boyfriend that I call “Bub” even though his name is TJ (starting to see a trend with totally arbitrary nick-names?)

-I dream about adding a dog to our family but “Bub” won’t let me until I keep the house spot-less for 3 months (see below)

-I am NOT neat and hate doing dishes and hate laundry!

-I am obnoxiously tall…we are talking like 72 inches tall people.  Needless to say you won’t see me rockin heals anytime soon.

-In college I got the nickname DJ Robo, because I would always make the most fun and random CD’s to play at parties.

-I love baking!!  Especially healthy alternatives and vegan desserts.

-I am not 100% vegan but try my best to be.

-I am slightly obsessed with Whole Foods {so much that a lot the workers know me by name}

-I am an only child but and super close with my family

-Five songs that will always, ALWAYS make me happy when I hear them are “Come Together”-Beatles, “9-5” Dolly Parton, “Gettin Jiggy Wit It” Will Smith, “Miss You” The Rolling Stones and “Mr Jones” Counting Crows.

-I lived in California for 5 years and with in that 5 years lived in 8 different apartments.

-I heart traveling, in the last 18 months I have been to Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Paris and Spain.

-I am a fun person and try to make a good time out of every situation!

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